Gray-Nicolls Wicketkeeping Cotton Inner


Our team at Gray-Nicolls have produced a brilliant, entry-level inner glove that will become an essential item in the kit bag of young wicketkeepers.

These gloves are a brilliant price, but lack for nothing in quality. They feature premium soft cotton, giving them a beautiful smooth feel and finish.

The elasticated wristband gives wicketkeepers extreme comfort and flexibility, critical features given the nature of the position – every little detail is crucial to maintaining high-level performance.

On hot summers days, the mesh vented fingers come into their own, allowing wicketkeepers to remain cool and dry, even under intense pressure.

If you are looking for a great inner glove for a young wicketkeeper, this is the perfect place to start.


  • Premium soft cotton gloves
  • Elasticated wristband
  • Mesh vented fingers

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