Gray-Nicolls Shockwave 300 Batting Gloves


The Shockwave 300 batting gloves are an incredible item that will help take your game to the next level. Ideal for junior club players making their way up the ranks, the 300 batting gloves feature many of the features of its higher specification sister products, but at a price point that reflects the speed at which young players grow.

The design features what will soon become the iconic Shockwave cold blue – a colour strong enough to send shivers down the spine of bowlers. The fractured pattern reflects the brand of cricket the user will look to play – destructive, aggressive and unrelenting.

The Shockwave’s Premium leather palms offer a fantastic balance between grip, comfort and durability. Swing from the hip knowing you have enough grip to keep control of the bat, and the feel to find gaps and manoeuvre the ball.

A two-section thumb allows batsmen fantastic protection, but also the flexibility to ramp, loft and sweep with ease – something that wasn’t always easy with one-piece equivalents. Pre-curved fingers mean that you can pick up and play as soon as you purchase.

Tri-layer protection with Fibre shield offers depth to the level of padding you will receive from the Shockwave 300. The three layers work in partnership to cumulatively reduce the shock of impact, meaning a potentially damaging blow can be shrugged off.

Lastly, the protection of the Shockwave batting glove is completed with the fantastic Duo Shield impact bar, a brilliant effecting strip running up the side of the glove that repels deliveries that often leap from nowhere to hit a previously unprotected area.

We are proud to bring you the Shockwave 300 batting gloves, ideal for a junior or club cricketer. They are designed with T20 in mind – featuring bold patterns and eye-catching colours. In this new T20 world, you’ll fit right in.

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  • Premium leather palms, for ultimate grip and comfort.
  • Tri-layer protection with Fibre Shield to reduce the impact of fast bowling
  • Duo Shield impact bar protects batsmen from extreme bounce
  • Pre-curved fingers for pick up and play, with two section thumb for ultimate control
  • Designed by our Product team in Robertsbridge after months of testing

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