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We are proud to have launched an exciting new concept for the 2020 season. Designed to reduce wastage in our factories, we will be using discarded materials to create a brand new, eco-friendly collection of batting gloves: The Off-Cuts.

Off-Cuts is exactly as the name suggests, a range of batting gloves that have been manufactured from the leftover material of old products.

Not only is the Off-Cuts Collection great from a sustainability point of view, but for cricketers everywhere they come with the promise of a completely unique design for every customer. A pair of Off-Cuts could be green, pink,yellow, orange or all four. If you like your cricket gear loud, these will be the gloves for you.

Currently available only at select retail partners- And we are one of them! ????


England star Sam Billings will be wearing the Off-Cuts in the International T20 Series against New Zealand, where they promise to be as loud as his batting.

“It’s a pretty amazing product, out of waste parts of other bits of kits made by Gray-Nicolls. It’s a great initiative, I think the world generally now is trying to get far cleaner and recycle far more. I love the fancy colours – always have done – and the great thing about it is the quality is the same as any other product – and it looks incredible. Hopefully they’ll serve me well this winter.”

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