Gilbert Control-A-Balls Training Aid

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Set of 5 balls to improve passing and catching. Each balls behaves differently to challenge the user during training.

Match Ball

Standard weight and grip pattern of the spectra ball.

Heavy Ball

Approximately 650g, the player must adapt to make passes.

Light Ball

Approximately 300g, the player must adapt to make passes.

Gripless Ball

Standard spectra weight, but this ball is smooth, so in different conditions it can be very grippy or incredibly slippery.

Unstable Ball

Weighs 400g and then the user adds 280g of water. within the pack there is a pump that allows the water to be added to the inner bladder. this makes the ball completely unstable as the water moves within it.

  • Size 5 only
  • Fluro pink only


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Weight 1 kg

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