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Canterbury Phoenix Raze SG Boot


Make sure your young rugby player is comfortable and supported as they get stuck into the action in these junior rugby boots. Designed for playing on soft ground, these boots are the perfect choice for hard hitting forwards who have wider feet or need a little more support in their boot. They are built for soft ground play on natural grass surfaces that are wet and muddy and require the most traction. A durable PU upper and a heavily cushioned ankle collar means these boots are incredibly comfortable for fast little feet while a wide forefoot gives young players with wider a feet a tight and snug fit without being uncomfortable. A 9mm heel-to-toe raise reduces strain to their lower limbs and helps to position their foot for maximum power and drive on the pitch. An outsole with 6 removable metal studs ensures traction on soft ground, meaning these boots provide grip for your child so that they are safe even in the depths of Winter training sessions.

Canterbury Size Guide (please click the link below)

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  • 8mm foam cushioning in collar for comfort
  • Wide-fitting forefoot shaping
  • Synthetic PU upper for durability
  • 9mm heel raise reduces lower limb strain.
  • 6 stud outsole plate

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Canterbury Size Guide (please click the link below)

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