Aero Stripper Lower Body Protector – P2

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Like the P1 v7, the p2 v7 offers foam moulding techniques and thick straps for optimal comfort and improved levels of protection. Other features include hip and buttock protection and a large rear thigh pad. Integrated design allows natural movement and mobility.

Protection Level: Advanced up to 130kph

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They deliver the key performance elements of better protection, better comfort, better speed and better durability for all batsmen – in a unique and balanced way.

Strippers™ design is an integrated system which protects both the upper and lower thighs, around the inner groin, the hip bone as well as part of the buttocks. It’s why aero has a “lower body protector” rather than just thigh guards. Strippers™ use the best materials – 3D moulded high impact plastics, multiple closed-cell foam combinations and user-friendly, antibacterial polyester mesh.

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